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We are offering RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training with emphasis on pedagogics and methodology/ physicality and asana / creativity / kinesiology and practical anatomy / yoga as a spiritual path.

The next training takes place in Helsinki, Finland. The Fall 2020 Training is held  on October 9th 2020  - May 16th 2021

The Modules of The Fall Training 2020-Spring 2021

Module I: 9.-11.10.2020

Module II: 6.-8.11.2020

Module III: 11.-13.12.2020

Module IV: 8.-10.1.2021

Module V: 12.-14.2.2021

Module VI: 12.-14.3.2021

Module VII: 9.-11.4.2021

Module VIII: 14.-16.5.2021

What you will gain?

- a deepened pranayama and asana practice 
- needed knowledge to instruct a great yoga class and operate as a teacher meaning confidence, clarity and practical      skills
-ability to create variable asana sequences and themed classes in different levels

- principles of the history of yoga
- kinesthetic anatomy and how to guide a safe asana practice
-a spiritual journey in an environment that is supportive and encouraging together with the study group and teachers
- a vibrant yoga community and possible future associates
- RYT 200 yoga teacher certificate
- ability to create a brand and start your own yoga business


The module focuses on the most traditional and commonly used asanas with relation to varying needs of different body types. You will learn the function and purpose of each pose as well as how to modify them in levels. Aditionally to asanas we will deepen into the fundamentals of pranayama and meditation.
The module over all will give the student a stronger personal practice and a broad understanding of the essential keys of how to build a meaningful yoga class once stepping out to the practicum.


This module will lead the student step by step on to practicing leading a yoga class. Students will gain understanding of meaningful sequencing. The module includes class observation, class planning and practicing leading a class to the study peers in an encouraging atmosphere mentored by the cource teachers.
The students are obligated to observe classes from 5 different teachers outside the common study hours and will need to assist two classes by their own choice. The module will provide the student significant steps in order to transform from a student to a leader.


This module will focus on intergrating the already learnt knowledge into know how skills. The students will learn how to build an anatomically safe yet challenging class on modified levels. The module also provided hands on-assisting and pedagogics. We will look at and discus leadership in terms of teacher ethics and values, good to know etc.
Other topics are use of voice and non-verbal communication and communication skills in general. All this will prepare the student to face very different type of people as with the role of a yoga teacher.

PRACTICAL ANATOMY 20 hours ( + written tasks)

The study course emphasizes on the safe and healty alignments in asanas. The student will learn how to instruct individual alignments to people with different bodily demands. The anatomy is taught underlining the kinesthetic aspects of each asana.

• musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, muscles, connective tissue and nervous system)
• safe asana technique in terms of anatomy and invividuality
• learning with and from others by discussing and observing
• practicing hands-on assisting
• in anatomy the empasis is on the basic understanding of how the body moves and what to avoid in order to teach a healthy class


This module dives into the sacred texts of yoga, Bhagavad Ghita and Patanjalis sutras. We will go through the 8-limb system of it's early stages.

The golden line is to motivate the students to learn more about yoga's roots and its philosophy. The modern yoga has a tendency to lose its nature as a spiriritual practice. This training aims at offering a full spectrum of yoga, including strong asana practice and the mental aspects of yoga such as philosophy and meditation.

Receiving the certificate requieres full completition of all written tasks and other home work and attendance on the modules.


Who can apply?


If you have a continuous asana practice (minimum 1-2 years) and you are interested in deepening your knowledge with the science of yoga and willing and motivated to study it many levels you are welcome to apply. 

Send your motivation letter and link of video clip where you do 5 rounds Sun Salutation of your choice.

Email us rootstoriseyoga@gmail.com



- The normal Price : 4200e (inc. VAT 24%)


- Special offer (valid until 1.7.2020): 3200e (inc. VAT 24%)
- Early bird: 3900e (inc. VAT 24%) is valid  by 2.7.2020-15.8.2020  
- Normal price: 4200e (inc. VAT 24%). From 16.8.2020 

-All prices can be paid for parts (2-10 parts)

The reservation fee is  500 euros. The reservation fee is included in the total price of programme. The reservation fee is non refundable. 



Kirsi Tikka

Kirsi Tikka (born 1985) has a background from dance. She is a formal ballet dancer, educated at the School of Finnish National Ballet. After many injuries and dealing with difficulties with body image of the ballet world she found her way to Astanga yoga classes. She felt a huge relief by yoga and felt that she has come home. After couple of years of practicing yoga she started teaching yoga.

Kirsi has been teaching yoga daily since year 2009.


She received her RYT 200 teacher certification via Villa Mandala yoga teacher training  under the teaching of Mia Jokiniva and Jenni Morrison-Jack and has deepening her knowledges in yoga ever since with wide range of teacher trainings  just mentioning  a few: RYT 500 YTT, yin yoga YTT, Shakta yoga YTT, ISHTA yoga Bridge program. Now she is currently studying embodied yoga lineage and Non-dual Shaiva Tantra philosophy with Christopher Wallis.

Even if she takes yoga with genuine respect there is always kindness, some humour and playfulness in her classes. At every class she tries to integrate all of yoga's many dimensions from physical to spiritual. Most of all she wants to be there for her students – "I really want that every student I meet will get the feeling that I really care for him/her and take everybody each as an individual".


Kirsi calls for self-acceptance and honesty: how to become more an authentic self mindfully and step by step. Kirsi genuinely tries to help her students find their true balance because she wants to share what she feels she has got from yoga – more balance and more self-acceptance after extremely disciplined years of ballet.


Besides being a yoga teacher, Kirsi is also an Ayrvedic massager, Reiki healer and event producer with arts and culture background. She has worked with many dance artists and just mention few bigger institutions where she has worked as a producer: Dance House Helsinki (Tanssin talo), Zodiak Center for new dance, Helsingin Fest (Helsingin Juhlaviikot) and latest HAM museum / Helsinki Biennial. 

You can practice with Kirsi at www.yogobe.com and find her yoga videos from Vimeo 

Tiina Mankki

Tiina Mankki ( born 1983 ) is an international dance artist and yoga teacher. Tiina started her career in the age of 8 with classical ballet and gymnastics. She immediately developed a profound and genuine interest with the various ways of the body to move and express emotions. In her teens she studied many dance styles such as jazz, contemporary, cuban dances, hip hop, show dance etc, leading her to become a professional in 2008 after graduating from the pedagogic department of The University of dance and Circus, Stockholm Sweden.


While pursuing her professional dance career Tiina was introduced to yoga through an injury. Starting out as rehabilitation she quite soon noticed the positive effects yoga brings on a holistic scale. 

In 2010, after one year of intense yoga practicing Tiina travelled to Thailand to immerse herself to the world of yoga. During that soulful journey it became clear to her that yoga had come to stay in her life and that she wanted to share the light yoga had given her.


Being already an educated dance teacher it was not a big step for her to start giving yoga classes. With some mentoring from her own teachers of the time she soon started offering classes and is mainly self-learned through hundreds of classes, workshops and short trainings abroad and in Finland led by world-known names such as Ray Long, Sienna Sherman, Briohny Smyth and Tyce Diorio, Tara Judelle and Jules Febre. She also has learned a great deal from not known teachers and praises the opportunity to learn in any situation in life. She strongly agrees with the claim that yoga happens in the practicioner. The best teachings can sometimes happen in the most modest environment.

During her yoga career Tiina has taught in many yoga studios in Helsinki and has had the opportunity to guest teach in New York City. Tiina is currently studying to become an advanced yoga teacher  (RYT 500) with the guidance of Tanya Popovich.

As a teacher Tiina is very creative, intuitive, spontanious and communicative. She targets on sensing instinctively the overall atmosphere and  envigorating classes designed to meet the needs of the students.

Jaana Nurminen & 
Kreeta Ranki

Other teachers for the teacher training are Jaana Nurminen (anatomy) and Kreeta Ranki (philosophy) 

Jaana Nurminen has a background in classical ballet and sports. After finishing her studies in Finnish National Ballet school she has worked as a dancer multiple productions abroad. After few years working as a professional dancer she return to home and started physiotherapy studies in University of Applied Science in Lappeenranta. She is currently working in Art Fysio as a physiotherapist and coach for athletes.

Kreeta Ranki is yoga teacher and PhD of Philosophy. Kreeta has specialized in therapeutic yoga and slow flow yoga. She teaches yoga In Turku for e.x. Oasis Yoga studio and citizens college. At the moment she has started to study again and this time early childhood education and nursing.


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